"Legends say that the lands were first formed by ancient dragons doing battle, and that the mountains are their mighty spines still standing tall above us all. They say also that the first rivers were formed from the blood, sweat, and tears of us smaller races toiling beneath these massive battles. Is any of that true? All I know is what I see around me. War has always plagued the regions, but for once in as long as anyone can remember an unsteady peace exists between the kingdoms of Altan. But even in peace there is much to do. There are those who would exploit the quiet moments to great gain, and those who would seek to destabilize everything just to watch the world tumble apart. Adventure beckons, so stand tall and answer."

- Kimmel Swiftsong, in his address to the Bardic College of Forcke, 21st of Flameward, 1502

The World of Ilas